3D Truss & 3-Station Fatigue Tester

About the Project

The purpose of this senior project is to complete two apparatuses that can be used in future experiments at The College of New Jersey. More specifically, a 3-Station fatigue tester will be re-tooled to accommodate 1/4" shafts and a 3D truss will have strain gauges and load cells applied to develop important theories within the Mechanical Engineering curriculum regarding stress, strain, and fatigue.

Challenges Faced

One major obstacle with this project is the limitations in design that the team can employ as we must work within the confines of the existing project.  That being said, it has been quite a worthwhile learning experience determining how to best retrofit the two existing apparatuses and ensure that we see the project through to completion.

Current Progress

The team has finalized the budget for the project and determined the final design that will be utilized for the protective shield in the 3-Station Fatigue Tester.

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